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Geschichte des Schlosses

The castle history Klinks comes alive

with the first lock Chronicle Castle History

"From the manor for Schlosshotel - Tradition since 1898."


For over a year we have borne puzzle pieces of historical pictures and documents, personal anecdotes and photographs in a unique castle chronicle together.

On November 27, at the 10th regular guests experience day presented the historical brochure in the historic hall of mirrors with a 4 course meal. Katrin Holst, which has created the Castle Chronicle legwork by Peter Bucher (the local chroniclers of Klink), led by an evening of exciting stories and very personal anecdotes about the eventful history of the castle.

During the evening the three best photos of clinkers and goods formers were awarded. The selection of the winning pictures was not so easy to make, because behind every image entries also put always very personal stories, Katrin Holst made it clear. From walled silver in castle walls, of missing stone lions that are to be found today in private gardens, to the own wedding in the castle but many locals combine your personal history with the historic building. The first place took a picture of Peter Müller, which were even born yet in the castle. In his black and white image, taken 1955-1960, the strong run-down castle in the postwar period can be seen. In the foreground of the slightly faded photograph of a normal everyday occurrence takes place. A woman hangs in front of the castle on clothes and the children jump to the next standing hutch around. Since there was not much imagery in 1945, the jury decided to award this photo. Miller family was pleased about a voucher for a candlelight dinner with wine in the garden of Eden. The second and third place got one and the same picture as this photo shows the Schlosshotel even without subsequently to built wing, which therefore still needs to be developed before 1912th This image made it to the cover picture of the present castle Chronicle. But many non-winning photos have found a place in the extensive castle Chronicle.



Immediately our guests can purchase the Castle Chronicle at the reception 6.50 €.


For our hotel guests we offer free every Tuesday and Thursday at 15 o'clock a castle tour at.
In this castle tour, find out many interesting facts and see rooms in the castle, tell many exciting stories.



Living in a castle is, to move between "historic" walls.


Schloss Klink was built in 1898 by Arthur and Hedwig (née Borsig) of Schnitzler based on the French Loire Castles, designed by the architect Grisebach (Berlin).

In 1912, the cultivation of a banquet hall took place. Until 1945, the castle was owned by the family of Schnitzler.

After the war, refugees were housed in the castle. The construction of refugee dwellings at the entrance to the castle Klink took over from 1965 VEB water supply and wastewater treatment Neubrandenburg the legal ownership over "lock and hallway".


Schlosshotel KlinkSchlosshotel KlinkSchlosshotel Klink


On June 2, 1971, the "training and recreation center lock Klink" with 40 rooms opened for 103 tourists.

After the turn of the entity VEB Water Neubrandenburg was converted into the water Neubrandenburger AG.

Schloss Klink was 1991/1992 as a "non-mission critical real estate" announced by the Trust Lying shaft company for sale and sold to Charles E. Brenner from Bad Homburg.

Brenner was planning a luxury resort with an investment capacity of 120 million DM. After the purchase price he had four years to realize his plans. Brenner became insolvent, but continued to adhere to the contract.

The castle suffered severe damage due to vandalism and was becoming a nuisance.

Brenner was able to the contractual date of 31 October 1995 to invest its obligations and create jobs, do not meet.

The THA THA / BvS Bundesanstalt für vereinigungsbedingte Sonderaufgaben Berlin led by investors exchange process. This is followed by 24 interested parties with different concepts. On March 30, 1996 Ernst Walloschke and his son Guido Gabriel received by a joint decision of BvS and community Klink contract for a hotel project.

The Walloschke family had restored already in Groß Plasten (Kreis Müritz) a castle, designed as a hotel and put into operation.

Restoration and reconstruction of the castle: On 30 September 1997, the works for the 1st phase of construction began.

On 23 December 1997 Dipl. Ing. Ernst Walloschke died at the age of almost 69 years. His widow Marga Walloschke explained that she and your children Guido and Claudia would continue the project within the meaning of the deceased.

Since the beginning of July 1998, the castle Klink shines in new splendor.




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