Klink Castle was built in 1898 by Arthur and Hedwig (née Borsig) von Schnitzler in the style of the French Loire castles, according to the plans of the architect Grisebach (Berlin). In 1912, the addition of a banquet hall took place.

The castle remained in the possession of the von Schnitzler family until 1945. In the post-war period refugees were accommodated in the castle.

On June 2, 1971, the “Klink Castle Training and Recreation Object” was opened with 40 rooms for 103 vacationers.

After reunification, the legal entity VEB Wasserwirtschaft Neubrandenburg was transformed into Neubrandenburger Wasser AG. Schloss Klink was put up for sale in 1991 / 1992 by the Treuhandliegensschaftgesellschaft.

On March 30, 1996, Ernst Walloschke and his son Guido Gabriel were awarded the contract for a hotel project. In 1997, work began on the first phase of construction: restoration and reconstruction of the castle. Since the beginning of July 1998, Klink Castle has shone in new splendor.

In September 2020, the renowned group of private hotels Dr. Lohbeck took over the Seehotel Schloss Klink to make the unique castle on the Müritz “fit” for the coming decades.

From now on our guests can buy the castle chronicle at the reception for 7,50 €.


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